Events for 2015

A happy new year and a prosperous 2015 to our members and friends.As a new year begins we hit the ground running with our first committee meeting on the 24th of this month.Topics for discussion will be the continued work on our popular museum in King House Boyle, dedicated to the Regiment.We are extremely grateful for the continued donation of artifacts for display and they make a great addition to our museum and King house as a whole.Our journal "The New Ranger" of 2015 is due to be posted out to our members in the next few weeks(has just arrived back from the printers) it is promising to be our best publication to date,we hope you enjoy reading it and please let us know your opinions of the contents.Gallipoli is calling in August please contact us if wishing to travel  as their is very few places left on this trip.(Contact no 0719663046) The Great War Roadshow will be returning to King House during the year,on its previous visit it proved very entertaining.Boyle's men's shed have commenced work on a new model set piece on differant aspects of the Great war.This will be in addition to two pieces already made and donated to our museum for display.We believe that when finished these models will be a great point of interest for young and old due to the very real visible view of the trenchs.Our AGM in the later part of the year will be in Galway more information on that will follow.Research enquires continue to take up a lot of our time but we are glad to be in a position to carry this work out, all we ask is for people to be patient with us as we all have day jobs as we say it is better to measure twice and cut once before we make our replies.

This completes our first salvo into 2015, so on behalf of the Connaught Rangers Association thanks for your continued support.

William Beirne



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